Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal here at the Total GP Building.

If you thought tattoos were 'for life', think again!

At Total GP, we offer.....

  • Latest Laser Technology
  • Removal of stubborn tattoos and colours
  • Effective and efficient treatment
  • Minimal risk of scarring, skin pigment changes or discomfort
  • Treatments performed by doctors trained in laser technology treatment

Somtimes only part of a tattoo is a problem for you, we can selectively remove that portion and leave the rest!

Call 9430 2000 for further information or to make your booking.

At Total GP, we have the latest laser technology and expertise for TATTOO REMOVAL. The lasers emit extremely high energy in short pulses of light that shatter tattoo ink particles to allow them to be removed by the body’s immune system. The number of sessions needed to remove the tattoo will depend on the quality of the tattoo.*

(*100% removal of the tattoo pigment is not always possible, but in most cases is achievable. Between 10 and 20 sessions are usually needed to significantly fade or completely remove professional tattoos.)

The RevLite™ provides peak power and new PTP (PhotoAcoustic Therapy Pulse) mode at larger spot sizes, making penetration deeper and treatments shorter. Using the optional MultiLiteTM hand help pieces, four different wavelengths can be achieved, allowing even the most stubborn tattoos and tattoo colours to be treated effectively and efficiently, with minimal risk of scarring, skin pigment changes or discomfort.

All treatments are performed by Dr Neil Hewett who have training in the removal of tattoos using laser treatment. For more information, or to book a consultation, please contact us at Total GP ... Phone 9438 2000.


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